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Ireland at 100:

Author Mark Henry explores how Ireland took its place among the leading nations of the world


Taking her place amongst the leading nations of the world: Ireland at 100

When the Irish State was formed in 1922, Ireland was one of the most poverty-stricken nations in Europe. Now it has the second highest quality of life in the world according to the United Nations.

Mark Henry tells the story of the country’s remarkable achievements in his uplifting new book In Fact: An Optimist’s Guide to Ireland at 100. The Irish live longer than ever before, we have never been healthier or better educated, we earn five times more than our grandparents did, our personal freedoms exceed those of any previous generation, and the lives of women and children have been transformed for the better.

Join us for an enjoyable evening of factual positivity as Mark talks about Ireland’s progress, how it achieved such success, and why our psychology sometimes makes it hard to believe. The talk will be followed by a questions and answers session, and by an open floor discussion.

Tickets are priced at £10 (£8 concession), with the option of purchasing a signed copy of Mark’s book for an additional £25.


Mark Henry has spent a lifetime analysing trends, understanding what drives them, and explaining their implications. He trained as a psychologist and led the research and strategy functions of technology companies before turning to work in tourism. Having spent two decades telling people all over the world what a great country Ireland is, he is on a mission to prove that it’s true.

His new book, In Fact: An Optimist’s Guide to Ireland at 100, was selected by The Irish Times as one of their books of the year. As Prof. Luke O’Neill of Trinity College Dublin said: “If you want to cheer yourself up, read this. It will counter all the doom and gloom out there using real data that confirms what a great country Ireland is.”

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